Christmas Comes Early With NBA Season, Watching Knicks and Nets Play

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SPANISH HARLEM – The NBA jumped back into action on Tuesday and we got to see a bunch of really good games. Seems sudden and unexpected but here we are at the the beginning of another NBA season.

Buddy Diaz

It was like yesterday that the Los Angeles Lakers were crowned the champs. Now here we are with more games and hopefully a complete and healthy year.

We know there will be problems, like we saw with the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. This will not be perfect and just like with other sports, games will be suspended. That’s not all bad – you still have games and they will be good. If you’re a Nets fan then your happy and if you’re a Knicks fan… you may have hope.

New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets

They were amazing. I hated seeing Kevin Durant looking like the Durant of old. I was pissed when Kyrie Irving was killing the Golden State Warriors because I wanted that for myself. I won’t lie lie to you, it was bad. Then I took a deep breath and smoked a blunt. I chilled for a bit and enjoyed watching good basketball.

The Nets are capable of winning the Eastern Conference, with or without James Harden. Their bench is deep and they have capable players that they can put into the game when the starters are out. They are better where they are now then with anyone else and that includes Harden. A trade for another star player also means you decimate the bench and they are good now… like best in the Eastern Conference good.

I’ll leave it at that before I start crying on Christmas Eve!

New York Knicks

If you saw the game, there was a lot to like. I know they lost but there were a lot of things that happened in that game that made you happy. For one, they shot the ball really well in the first half. The spacing was good and the threes were raining down. There were some bad turnovers but their defense was also causing havoc.

That all changed in the second half but RJ Barrett looked great. Alec Burks was a key player throughout the game and felt like a guy that can really this team shooting from the outside. Obi Toppin hit a couple of 3s and Immanuel Quickley had his moments before he went out of the game with a hip injury.

They are definitely not the Nets but I still love my team! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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