Sports Rain Man: Super Bowl Hangover, Big Game Thoughts, Babbling Trevor Bauer

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Hangover! According to the MTM Research Department, Super Bowl Monday averages more hangovers per capita than any other day.  was 3AM into this snow-drenched month and after finally putting my son to bed for a 3rd time when I wrote this. So please excuse… all of it, really. I said this last week because it was true and it is true this week. With that, let’s get to today’s topics: Super Bowl Hangover, Big Game Thoughts, Babbling Trevor Bauer


I didn’t want the Bucs to win – so I was rooting against them. I couldn’t find a good game feed until midway thought the 3rd quarter and by that time, the damage was done. I missed the dodgy calls that seem to always go to a Tom Brady team. However, from what I saw when I tuned in, the name Ereck Flowers kept coming to mind. Flowers is the former NY Giants bust that flourished like a rose from the concrete, as the blindside on the Chiefs offensive line. Flowers suffered a torn ACL in AFC Championship game against the Bills. This was a big deal because it meant his loss affected three positions. The starting right tackle was moved to left tackle. The starting right guard was moved to right tackle. The back-up right guard became a starter. I know Mahomes’ blind side is critical but why not leave the other two guys where they were? Be dominate there and run plays that have a tight end or full back help out. Or slide the guard over to help, depending on the play. As the pressure mounted and the Bucs D put Mahomes under duress, it seems they should have made a change. The line couldn’t buy Mahomes time.


Click This to see his whole diatribe.

What the hell was that? That apology… it was not needed. A Dear John letter? Really not needed. As Mets fans, we have had guys who we thought would be perfect for us, who chose not sign… and we move on. However, none of them bothered with this kind of lame open letter to clean up some perceived confusion that in the greater scheme of things, amounted to nothing. I mean, just man up and say “Thanks, but no thanks.” I don’t get why he bothered with it. Does he think this is this going to make us hate him less? Crocodile tears in a Tweet? Dude please, I am glad you went to LA because this drama won’t fly in NYC. You were obviously too soft to begin with. The following was the MTM Twitter reply to Babbling Bauer.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben “Pink” Whitney. Yes, I am still running with that. Pink will be here tomorrow.

Tom Brady, Trevor-Bauer, Mets, Kevin-James, Tom-Brady, Sports Rain Man, Chiefs, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber

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