Knicks Trade Potential, More Thoughts on RJ and… #WTF James Dolan

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Will it last?
Buddy Diaz

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Knicks are in 6th place in the Eastern Conference and on the last day of the trade deadline, there are players that the organization has targeted.

Other Knickish things of interest is the progression of RJ Barrett and how James Dolan is still infuriating Knicks fans.

Let’s get right to it.

NBA Trade Deadline

The two players that are constantly mentioned are Lonzo Ball and Victor Oladipo. Both would make the roster better but do they really want to trade players and assets for guys that they could potentially add via free agency this offseason? The better fit of the two is Ball, his play-making and shooting is sorely needed at the point guard position. Lonzo is young enough and still developing as a player, which is something that intrigues the front office. The Knicks are in need of a pass-first point guard and his success from the 3-point line is the best it’s ever been. If there is one thing this group needs, it’s a person that can make others better and space the floor. There is little chance he gets traded to the Knicks but we can all dream.

RJ Barrett

The moment the Knicks lost the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, disappointment immediately set in. We as fans, all wanted Zion Williamson and what made matters worse, they dropped to the 3rd overall pick when they had highest chance to get the number 1 pick. They saw the two best prospects go off the board before they made their pick and RJ Barrett was the consolation prize. He wasn’t a bad player but he wasn’t Zion or Ja Morant and seeing both guys get off to good starts was painful to see. Barrett got better throughout his first year but he didn’t have the impact that those other guys made for their team. That changed this year, Morant and Williamson are still great players but the sharp improvement we have seen from Barrett is making fans believe they have a possible superstar.

RJB is more confident and making plays you see from really good players in the NBA. His shot from outside is improving game-to-game and that will only make him that much more dangerous. He just looks like a different player this season and someone you can see leading this team for years to come. My first impression of Barrett was of someone that looked like he could be a good player in this league but as he continues to improve, the sky is limit.

James Dolan

I happened to come across an article in the New York Post that caught my eye. Can you believe James Dolan is still throwing fans out of MSG for dumb things? It seems that someone went to a game and wore a BAN DOLAN shirt, only to have security tell him that he had to take the shirt off or leave the premises. He was escorted out when he refused to change and all this makes Dolan look pathetic. Fans in New York may never like him and he has to learn to deal with that. They are ones that supported the team after every bad decision he made and without them the Knicks would be nothing. GROW THE F-UP A-HOLE!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt. Until Next Time…

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