New York Yankees: Zach Britton Injured, Mickey Mantle, Clint Frazier is My Favorite

SPANISH HARLEM – NOW feels like as a good a time as any to discuss some thoughts I have about the storied New York Yankees. Recently, they have had some concerns and an important pitcher went on the injured list, so let’s start there.

Zach Britton

Buddy Diaz

The one thing about being a Yankees fan that you become accustomed to the last couple of years, someone important will find their way to the Injured List (IL). Britton might be best pitcher in that bullpen and will pitch high leverage innings. Not having him in the early part of the year will be difficult because that means someone like Chad Green has to move up into that spot. That’s not to say that Green will be terrible in that situation but it has a ripple effect on everyone else. Now there is another open spot in the bullpen that may go to someone inexperienced, like an Albert Abreu or Nick Nelson. If you know who I’m talking about, pat yourself on the back because I couldn’t pick either out of a lineup.

Clint Frazier

Please ask me why Frazier is my favorite Yankee… I liked the guy when people said he was an A-Hole (speculations) and I liked him even more when he flashed his confidence for all to see. Wanting Mickey Mantle’s number, whether rumor or not, took some balls… a huge set of balls. [Pause for the visual]. He may have been joking but it still came off bad for him and I loved every minute of it… I’m rooting for the guy and glad they never traded him and super happy that he is getting his opportunity. Then the news came that he crashed into the left field wall in a spring training game. That made me nervous because we all know the concussion issues he dealt with and the repercussions of that after everyone considered him healthy and/or 100 percent. Symptoms lingered for quite a while and led to some very bad play in the outfield two years ago. Yet, he persevered and became one of the best left fielders in the game last season (by analytics). Hopefully, he can stay healthy because I believe he will put up some special numbers for the Yanks.

Domingo German

I didn’t really want to talk about him because of the off-field problems and because going down that road isn’t easy. He is a true A-Hole and I’ll leave it at that. We know the Yankees kept him on the roster because he had a very good season for them before the suspension. The fact they had a open spot in the starting rotation is a big factor on why he is still with the team. Can he find redemption? I don’t know. It will take time, longer for some and shorter for others… Hey, New York City is full of people looking for second chances and I do believe that people can change but all that will matter for people [fans] is “How good is he?” I do believe people make mistakes and can change for better but no matter good he is, I will always feel weird rooting for him.

That’s it for now, please go to GoFundMe and let’s make this “Air Buddy” movie happen! Also, come back tomorrow for cunning linguist, Cam James.

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