Knicks Win to Extend Winning Streak to 8 Games

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Not even these three can stop the Knicks!

SPANISH HARLEM – I went into writing this hoping I could type about an eight-game win streak for the New York Knicks.

Buddy Diaz

At times, it was difficult to watch because Trae Young was playing so well. It looked like one of those nights where he was going to be a problem to deal with. It wasn’t like the Knicks were playing badly; they had some good moments in the first half. It all changed when Young left the game with an ankle injury. He was not to come back and it was something good teams take advantage of. Without the Atlanta Hawks having best player, they still took the Knickerboclers to overtime. In the end, though, it was 137-127 victory for New York.

This group has played extremely good basketball during this win streak. They are hitting their threes at a high rate and shot over 50% in last nights game. With their defense always keeping them in games, they now have the firepower to fight back when its not up to par. Julius Randle was amazing with 4o points and it was fun watching Derek Rose look like his old self before fouling out. Immanuel Quickley and Reggie Bullock made big threes down the stretch. It was crazy to watch and its gets more exciting with each game.

I say… who cares? Enjoy every minute it because it hasn’t come around too often for the dedicated fans that have been through tough times because they love this team so much.

Maybe they’ll start watching again?! (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

It won’t get any easier, as the Knicks have one of the stronger NBA schedules remaining. Every win is important, so it’s really good to see that they are playing great at this point in the season. With the win last night, Thibs & Co. jumped the Hawks and into 4th place in the Eastern Conference. No one imagined they would be here and it will take even better basketball to remain there.

Smile and enjoy yourself because the Knicks are winning. It’s okay again to tell people that your a Knicks fan. Soak it all in. Believe in this team and get pumped because they are exciting to watch. I want to make the playoffs just as much as everybody else so I’m going to keep rooting hard.

Lets Go Knicks!

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