NBA Playoffs, New York Knicks, Kluber No-Hitter and Whats Wrong With Tony?

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SPANISH HARLEM – This is a good week for me. I love the NBA Playoffs… even more this season because my New York Knicks get to participate. It will be a fun couple of days with the Play-In Tournament, which gives us more games to digest. Adding to that, Corey Kluber goes out and throws a no-hitter… But there’s one other thing/name piqued my interest a bit –  Tony LaRussa.  Let’s start there.

Tony LaRussa

Good job Tony, that’s the way to throw your own player under the bus. I’m not saying that LaRussa had to like what happened, I just don’t like how he expressed his displeasure. You have Yermin Mercedes, who hits a 3-0 pitch out of the park off a pitcher who is a position player, with his team comfortably ahead. This leads to Manager LaRussa discussing the holy unwritten rules of baseball with the media. That is compounded with certain players Slot Online having to stick up for their fellow player because their head guy didn’t. It’s quite the mess and shows the guys in that room that their manager may not have their backs… come on TONY, let the kids play!

Corey Kluber

Buddy Diaz

Congratulations are in order to The Klubs. What’s surprising is that someone that good for so long never threw a no-hitter before last night. It was fun to watch firsthand and you come to appreciate these moments because you never know when your going to see one again. My only worry was that he would throw too many pitches to complete the game but was safe going into the 9th inning. We all know how good he can be if he stays healthy but I don’t anyone would have imagined him being this efficient so early in the season. I hope it continues because he is dominant when he is on.

Play-In Tournament

Am I the only person that finds it weird that the 7th seed plays the 8th seed? You take two teams that would of made the playoffs in the old format and make them play each other to continue on. Shouldn’t the 7th seed play the 10th seed? This format because it doesn’t make much sense to me. Don’t get it twisted, I will enjoy the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Golden State Warriors – but its weird that one of them has to lose and then play the winner of 9 and 10.

New York Knicks

Their first playoff series starts on Sunday in Madison Square Garden. The Knickerbockers had to earn victories late in the season to get the 4th seed – and the home series. There was a bit of luck along the way when the Miami Heat lost against Milwaukee. That was no guarantee but the basketball gods did the Knicks a favor. Now, they have home-field advantage  and will need it and every other advantage they can get because the Atlanta Hawks are a really good young team. The odds-makers have the Hawks as the favorite to win the series, so its important to win the homes games. Honestly, I can’t wait, I’m hoping for a fun weekend!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James, who once dove into a pile of boobs and came out sucking his thumb.

Until Next Time…

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