New York Knicks Lose At Home; Dream Ends as Atlanta Hawks Move On

Can the Knicks overcome the ghosts of their playoffs past?

SPANISH HARLEM – It was fun while it lasted. The New York Knicks finally made the NBA Playoffs after years of being one of the worst teams in the league… and yet I’m sad. It will hit me later that this team overachieved. I will get excited again next year when the season starts but its hard not to be disappointed. You never want your team to lose, no matter hard you tell yourself that this team is not good enough.

I don’t know where to go with this because I could complain about all the things the Knicks did wrong but I am going to go the other way. I want to celebrate this team when other people thought they would be the same terrible team they were year after year. Though, Julius Randle was terrible in this series, he was the brightest star on this team. He became the most improved player of the year and he will probably be an All- NBA player for the first time in his career. That’s not something to scoff at, regardless of the sour taste left from watching him in this last game.

Buddy Diaz

Derek Rose gave us a reason to go crazy every time he got to the rim. It didn’t work out for him last night but he gave fans countless moments during the season and in the playoffs that were awesome to watch. There were special games for a bunch of players that you could be down about right now but that won’t take away what they did for us during the season. In hindsight, they were probably a 4th seed when they should of worse but they fought to get that seed. It wasn’t given to them, they earned it.

I know right now a lot of fans feel the same way I do… it F-ing sucks and you should feel that way. There is nothing wrong with being mad/sad but tomorrow is another day and I’m sure you will appreciate this team for working so hard to get where they got. It was a fun season and while most of us wanted to last at long as it could, this is what they could do. Now it’s off to next season.

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