NBA Draft: Knicks Edition and Thank You Cheesy

SPANISH HARLEM – For the first time in a long long time, the New York Knicks will not be drafting in the NBA lottery but that doesn’t mean that they can’t draft someone that will have an impact next season. Making the playoffs was a pleasant surprise, it wasn’t expected by even hardcore fans so the organization is looking to add players that will help this team make the postseason once again. It could be quite difficult considering that the Knicks pick 19 and 21, with four picks in total. I can’t tell you exactly who they will get but I can tell you the type of players to look for.

Point Guard

Drafting past the lottery almost guarantees that all the best players will be gone when the Knicks get to their pick. They could get lucky because it does happen from time to time but guards that can create their own shot and dish will be scooped up early. The interesting part in this dilemma is whether there is a team willing to trade down. Rumors show that the Knicks are trying their very best to move up and what they need is a dance partner. With 4 picks in the draft, they should be looking to make some moves because I doubt they have room for 4 new players, taking in account that they should want to add some players in free agency. The good news, if a trade does happen, expect them to go for the best point guard available.

Guys to look for:

If the Knicks trade up, Davion Mitchell and James Bouknight.

If the Knicks stay at 19/21, Tre Mann and Jared Butler.


This is nothing new in the modern NBA, Wing players are the go to. The 3 and D, Defensive Specialist, Shot Creator and Playmaker are the intangibles you look for. Any player with more than one skill set just mentioned will be heavily considered. The Knicks need shooting and drafting someone that can do more than shoot is plus. There are a couple of players that should be available that make a lot of sense for this club but just like with any draft, you just don’t know who will be there when the pick is due.

Guys to look for:

If the Knicks trade up, Corey Kispert and Josh Giddy.

If the Knicks stay pat, Chris Duarte and Ziaire Williams.

Let me end this by sending a major thanks to Cheesy Bruin for your insights and the contributions every week. I raise my drink to your retirement, cheers! I hope its not the last we hear from you.

Until next time, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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