Yankees Win Despite Health Issues, Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champs

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees have been decimated with 6 players on the COVID list to start the second half of the season. It’s only natural to expect doom and that still might be the case but for the moment, you can dream a little dream. The lineup is different to say the least but it has turned out to be different in a good way. There is more energy from the guys that have come up from the minor leagues, and while none of them are marquee prospects, they have contributed.

Greg Allen (who?) has been the most electric with his ability to get on base and steal bases. That is something the Yanks have lacked for some time now. Since they have been loaded with big guys, the emphasis has been to get guys on base and wait for the big blow. As we have seen, that hasn’t worked out well. Now, they have to find ways to score runs without the big bats and with that, we have seen a more active team on the bases.

Buddy Diaz

The relief pitching almost gave the game back to the Philadelphia Phillies the other night but a game winning hit by Ryan LaMarre (how?) helped continue their stretch of consistent production from the Scranton-Wilkes crew. Until last night, that is.

It’s actually fun to see the Yanks react well to the injuries. They could have crumbled under the expectations but right now they are playing with more energy and it’s definitely from some of these minor leaguers getting an opportunity to play in the big leagues. As a fan, I hope it continues.

Giannis Is A Champion

What a dominant performance from the two MVP. Giannis Antetokounmpo had on of the best games we have seen from a player on the NBA Finals and for that, he was crowned the Finals MVP. He wanted that game and that ring and nobody was going to stop him. Much like in previous games, he was handful. Once he realized that he could get to the rim and finish on anybody, it was his series to lose. There are no more questions for Giannis to answer, he is an NBA Champion and got the ring monkey off his back. While many might put an asterisk on this NBA season (like last season), the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis will go down in history.

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