Knicks Summer League: 4 Players I Liked

Remember when McBride's hair choices were all we thought about him?

SPANISH HARLEM – Just when I thought I couldn’t get more Knicks news, the NBA Summer League give me some games to watch… well mostly watch. Considering there weren’t summer league games last past season, it was good to see the guys that were drafted play in some games before the real season starts. Of course they don’t mean much of anything because you have rosters of players mostly looking to get NBA contracts, but there is still things you look out for when watching your team. There were 4 players that stood out for me.

Obi Toppin

Definitely the best player on the team during the league games. He showed an ability to Pick & Pop, good instincts when running to the rim to score and averaged 8 rebounds a game. This while only getting limited decent minutes on the Knicks last season. He showed in the summer league what he can do if the offense catered to him and gave him more minutes. After a lackluster first season, its good to see the potential that made him a lottery pick.

Immanuel Quickley 

Buddy Diaz

I don’t project Quickley to get a lot of minutes at the Knicks point guard, not with Derrick Rose and Kemba Walker in the rotation but injuries do happen and you want to other guys that can initiate the offense. Though he played off the ball in his first season, he became the defacto starting point guard in the summer league. The knock on him is that he isn’t a point, only a guy that can score in bunches. Not anymore, because he showed the ability to drive to run and find guys for easy baskets. It will be great if Quickley continues to develop that part of his game.

Quentin Grimes

The Knicks first round pick this year was shaky the first couple of games but really turned it on as the games went on. You can definitely say he ended on a high note, leading the team in scoring in their last summer league win. He is considered the 3&D type and showed off his touch from long range that made the Knicks excited to draft him.

Miles McBride

The point guard that Tom Thibodeau wanted showed an impressive shot from mid range and 3. His defense was something he was known for in college and showed why despite his size, he can lock up all type of guards. The most impressive thing for me is that I didn’t expect his shot to look so smooth. Not a lot of movement and goes up quick when he needs to score. I would like to see him get into the lane more but he seems comfortable shooting jumpers.

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