NBA Free Agency, New York Knicks & Kemba Walker

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SPANISH HARLEM – The NBA Free Agency event is another fun wrinkle in the  offseason. We get to see who is available, what players will switch teams and which players will stay put. There is no major free agents that teams will clamor for unless you think Kawhi Leonard is leaving the Los Angeles Clippers (spoiler… he won’t), when you have to consider he will probably have surgery on his knee and be out for the start of the new NBA season.

The fun part for New York Knicks… wait there is really not a fun part for fans in free agency but your still invested because you want to see what players your team will add. As you can expect, there was no big “get” this offseason but it wasn’t terrible either. Sure, there will be some people sad that they didn’t do better or got the player they wanted but the Orange and Blue are a better team right now than they were last season.  Maybe Leon Rose could’ve tried harder for the likes of Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry or even LaMelo Ball but in the first two, they were veterans that wanted to dictate their own futures and did just that, with Ball he is a restricted free agent and the New Orleans Pelicans could match any offer placed. Also, you have to remember that you have a MEGA 3 with the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers not to far behind them as the best team in the league, along with the Champion Milwaukee Bucks. Good luck with that if you were wishing for an NBA Championship next season.

Buddy Diaz

Now with that out the way, the Knicks brought back Derrick Rose, Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel. They all got 3 year contracts but as the rumors keep swirling, its looking like two years deals with a team option for the third year. Not bad if that’s case, as you don’t lock yourself from hitting free agency again in two years. They also added Evan Fournier, who is a 3 level scorer that can pass well. I like the move for two reasons and here are why: he was something the Knicks lacked in the postseason, which was a player that could create his own shot and get to the basket. He replaces Reggie Bullock and as much as I appreciated his game, he wasn’t a shot creator.

All in all, so far, it’s not great but its not bad either. They weren’t the biggest moves possible but they have players that played well for the Knicks last season returning and added a player that could really help on the offensive end. The Knicks do have assets and players they can use to make a trade happen if something comes around.

Last But Not Least:

The rumors have become fact: the Knicks will be getting Kemba Walker, who got a fat buyout from the Oklahoma City Thunder. NY will pay him 8 million next year but it looks like there is no option on a 2nd year.

For those that will bring up Walker’s injury history of late, please note that Derrick Rose had similar issues throughout his career and has held up well playing fewer minutes. The same can be said about Kemba, so expect them both to play about 20 to 25 minutes a game. If they both remain healthy next season, you will be looking at the best one-two punch at point guard in years.

So… Get excited and welcome home Kemba Walker!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.

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