What’s Next For The New York Yankees?

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SPANISH HARLEM – A horrible loss in a miserable season for the New York Yankees, who went into Boston and laid an egg. All the excitement we had in beating the Red Sox and advancing into the playoffs… didn’t last long. The nightmare scenario came to fruition when Xander Bogaerts hit that Gerrit Cole fastball into the centerfield seats. The fear that Yankees weren’t going to score enough runs reared its ugly head once again. Sucks to lose but when its against Boston… it hurts that much more and now we get to look into the future, knowing we ALSO lost to the Sox to end the season.

Aaron Boone

Probably, the biggest question the Yankees will answer soon is what do they do about Boone? His contract has run out and they could either give him a new contract or go with someone else. Most fans will tell you that they want a new manager but it will be up to Brian Cashman and the higher ups to seal that fate. I honestly wouldn’t mind moving on but I could also see him come back. It never felt to me that Boone made us better or out-managed other managers so I’m inclined to go with someone else but who then? A friend of mine brought up Carlos Beltran – and I could totally see that happening – but he would make the second manager the Yankees hired with no experience.


Buddy Diaz

It was a glaring weakness all season and they finally made the change to move Gleyber Torres back to second. With that move, they go into the offseason without a shortstop and with some good ones that will be free agents. I would love Carlos Correa because of his age and also taking him away from Houston will make them weaker. I don’t know if the Yankees will spend money (I can’t believe I’m actually writing that) or what their plans will be this winter but that position has to be better next season.

Brian Cashman

It has to be said that his status is questionable. He helped build this team and every season the Yankees are better but never good enough to win the World Series. With all the analytics and the resources to win, they haven’t whiffed the World Series in years. The team is too one-dimensional on offense. Tthat has to change. We can’t be all homers and strikeouts. How they transition will be interesting to watch, as it won’t  be long before the Yankees’ brass thinks that he is one to be replaced.

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