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SPANISH HARLEM – If you came to read an article on a day with food and football all damn day, I feel sad for you… but hey, who is more sad than me having to write it! All jokes aside, today is great day for many of us. You get to spend time with loved ones, eat until your belly hurts and watch 3 games of football. As Angry Ward noted yesterday, the first game is going to be tough to watch but its still football. Its like eating so much that you feel like you might have to vomit but you’re kinda happy you did it.

Now, lets talk some football.


Let me start by saying I won’t know anything about who is hurt and who is questionable to play. I will go by gut feeling and that tells me that these are two bad teams. Shocking, I know! Detroit might not win a game this season and Chicago can’t get rid of Matt Nagy fast enough. At least the Bears have what looks like a potential star at quarterback. Sure, Justin Fields won’t be playing tomorrow but there is hope for the future. On the other hand you have the Lions, who will have the number first pick in the NFL Draft with no clear cut #1 QB coming out.

I have no idea who will win, so I’ll take the Bears because they were my dad’s favorite team.

Da Raiders @ Cowboys

Both teams are trending backwards. Dallas‘ offense doesn’t seem as explosive of late and whatever early season magic Las Vegas had seems way gone now. The Cowboys are clearly the better team and should win but it’s hard to be too confident on that prediction. I know the Raiders look lost but right now but they are due and what better time than now? David Carr can be really good at times but he can also be terrible, like worst-QB-in-the-league terrible. As an Eagles fan I am hoping for the Cowboys to lose, so I’ll try to jinx them and root for Dallas.

Bills @ Saints

I’m a closet Buffalo fan. What can I say? It’s true! My brother has loved the Bills since I can remember and after watching his team lose Super Bowl after Super Bowl after Super Bowl after Super bowl, I found myself rooting for them to win a chip for him. That in turn makes me a closet Bills fan. With that, Buffalo is not the same team they were last season. They have lost games against opponents they should have beaten, but a different season has shown different results.

New Orleans is going through a rough patch but they have a really good defense that will keep them in games. Not sure, if Jameson Winston is playing (I know I can google it but I’m busy stuffing my turkey) and that may have an affect on what the Saints can do with that offense. Its not like they were putting up crazy numbers with him but he does make them better.

The Buffalo Bills win because it will make my brother happy!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for someone who will probably have a hang over – like Different Matt.


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