Xmas Queries: Kemba Starts But For How Long? Is Jalen Hurts a Franchise QB

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SPANISH HARLEMFootball on a Tuesday? Yea, that happened and I was able to watch it in my favorite team in my region for a change! I know there was another football game on elsewhere but I was focused on one thing.

Jalen Hurts

The main question heading into the season was: Can Hurts be a franchise quarterback for the Philadelphia EaglesWe are 14 games into the season and I’m sure there are still many people and fans in Philly that have their doubts. I really do like the kid. There is a ton of potential there. He can throw and is already showing that he is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the game. The one thing that stands out is his ability to run. He can flat out run past defenders with a juke move that can make you feel like you are watching a Madden video game.

Eagles Fan, Cam James

The question still remains on the passing part of his game and that is a work in progress. When he has games like he did on Tuesday against the Washington Football Team, though, you can’t help but wonder what will happen if he can put it all together. My main problem with Hurts is his foot work in the pocket. His feet are constantly moving and for the most part, it causes problems with velocity and accuracy.  I think he can get better at but only time will tell. Will the Eagles give him the opportunity to improve? That remains to be seen. I hope they do.

Kemba Walker is Back

With Covid taking out a bunch of New York Knicks the last week or so, Kemba has found his way back into the starting lineup. No one knows if that will change when everyone is healthy but I am one person that believes he deserves another shot. The past two games, Walker has scored more than 20 points and looked really good while doing it. As much as I like Aleck Burks, he is better off playing the wing guard and creating his own shot, not trying to make others better.

Buddy Diaz

At times early in the year I thought Kemba was hesitant on offense but he finally showed what he can do when tries to be more of scorer. It can open up the court for players like Julius Randle and helps guys play the roles they are meant to play. I know the Knicks haven’t played the type of ball us fans expected but its time to see what this new version of Kemba can do for a good stretch of games.

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