Vogel On The Hot Seat, Klay Is Weird and The Knicks Add Cam Reddish

SPANISH HARLEM – There are some weeks when I think about things to write about and nothing comes to mind. I think we all need a brake from the football talk, baseball is dead until we get a new collective bargaining agreement and I don’t write about hockey. So for today, I will scroll through my sports app to write about the first things that catch my eye on anything NBA-related. Okay, I already found one… and two others.

Frank Vogel Fired?

Wow, I guess even when you win a championship as a Head Coach, you can still be on the hot seat when LeBron James is on your team. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that James is the reason that Vogel will be fired but I do know there is so much pressure to win when you have him on your team. There is this expectancy that because you have LeBron, you are NBA favorites every year. While that may be the case still, those thoughts should be saddled a bit. LBJ is not the same player he once was. He is still a great player but we shouldn’t just pencil in his team. This unit has a lot of flaws and fans hoping that LeBron will put on his superhero cape and get the Lakers to the Finals might be sorely mistaken.

Klay Thompson is Back

Buddy Diaz

Klay recently had his warm-up routine go viral. I don’t know why but anything Klay does seems weird. Not weird in a bad way but weird in more a funny way. Those that know him say he is different; the type of guy that stands out for his unique ways. Quirky might be the right word but I’m sure there are better ways to describe him. After not playing for almost two years, give me any news on Thompson, I’ll take all that I can get.

New York Knicks Make a Trade

I couldn’t leave my favorite team off this list. Just like last season, the Knicks went in early on the trade scene and got themselves Cam Reddish. The trade wasn’t big news as they traded away seldom used Kevin Knox┬ábut I do like what they added. Reddish is 6’8 and very athletic, he was known a shooter coming out of college and has a developing game to maximize his potential. The problem with potential is that it is not guaranteed but the good thing is that they two years to find what they have and if they can build with him for the future.

That its for now, come back tomorrow for more stuff from Different Matt or Cam “Reddish” James – whomever is fastest.

Until next time…

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