NBA Trade Deadline: Nets and Knicks

SPANISH HARLEM – Thank you to Angry Ward for leading the way with some basketball about the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets yesterday. I will piggyback and push out more about the NBA Trade Deadline. Last week, I wrote about some possible trades that you could see gone for the Orange and Blue of the Madison Square Garden Knickerbockers, but today we’ll add the Nets to the soup.

Brooklyn Nets

We have all heard about the James Harden rumors by now, so this isn’t surprising to see here… The Philadelphia 76ers are the favorite and possibly the only team that would trade for Harden at this point. Yes, Ben Simmons is involved because he is always involved in any trade discussion with the Sixers. The Nets have lost like 9 in a row but they will always be favorites if Kevin Durant is healthy. They are not the team we expected, but injuries and Kyrie Irving only able to play road games has affected their season throughout. It has been weird to watch and it would get even weirder if they trade Harden.

New York Knicks

Buddy Diaz

The Knickerbockers are always looking for the big trade; the type that brings back an exciting player. Usually it’s player that may be a bit too old but can still go to the basket. I guess what I’m saying here is: PLEASE… DON’T… TRADE… FOR… RUSSELL WESTBROOK! Don’t get me wrong, I vouch for Russ. I like watching him play, flaws and all, but not for this team. Maybe, just maybe, if you are close to winning a championship or a player away, he is the man. That is NOT the Knicks right now. You don’t take chances like this with that type of player unless your looking to win now.

So, what are we looking at? Expect a minor trade with the Knicks, if at all. They should ride it out it and always make trades in the offseason… The Nets, however, have been the big-move team recently, so they may shake the league up… again.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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