Mitchell Robinson Re-Signs, Steinbrenner Talk Judge Contract and Baker Mayfield is out of Cleveland

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SPANISH HARLEM – Let’s mix it up and talk about Mitchell Robinson signing with the New York Knicks, Hal Steinbrenner speaking about Aaron Judge’s contract and the Baker Mayfield trade.

The Knicks Resign Mitchell Robinson

The New York Knicks re-signed their young center to a 4-year, 60 million contract and while I’m happy to see Mitch back, the contract itself makes me wonder if they a overpaid to keep him. Centers aren’t a valuable commodity in today’s NBA. Take into a account that the Knicks signed a more versatile center in Isaiah Hartenstein for two years at 16 million. Robinson is a defense-first player and that has value, I’m just not sure that value is 15 million a year. I’m hoping that when the contract details are put out, that it’s based more on incentives than guaranteed money.

Hal Steinbrenner Talks about the Judge Contract

In all honesty, I thought the contract that was offered to Aaron Judge was fair. It wasn’t the 36 million Judge was looking for but it was still a lot of money. Judge said no and bet on himself, which taking in account his injury history, was a big gamble. It’s not like he wasn’t going to get paid at some point but he will certainly make a lot more now. I think the Yankees will eventually give him the bag but there are rumors out there, with people feeling that Judge could sign elsewhere. That would be the worst decision he can make. Sure, some other sign can sign him but he will never be as popular as is he when he puts on the pinstripes. Do I fear losing Judge… somewhat but then I think, if the Yankees want someone, they usually get him.

Baker Mayfield Traded

The inevitable happened and Baker Mayfield finally finds himself on another team. It must suck to be a Browns fan. They somewhat hated Mayfield but now find themselves rooting for a quarterback that may not even play this year. Look, there is no denying Deshaun Watson’s talent but giving him a guaranteed contract was one of the worst decisions any team could ever make and I didn’t need to research the case to know this. Sometime you reap what you sow.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.


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