The Best All-Star Game in Professional Sports

SPANISH HARLEM – After watching the Major League Baseball All Star game and reading Angry Ward article yesterday, it got me thinking: Which professional sports league has The Best All-Star Game. If you already bored, I apologize but there isn’t much to discuss this week.

WORST: National Football League (NFL)

It’s crazy to me how the most beloved sport in America, has the worst All-Star Game. The Pro Bowl is nothing like the real games and most players that make the team don’t play. By the time the game starts, you have more alternates than actual picked players, so when you do get to watch it, it won’t have the players you want to see playing at their best. Did they even have a Pro Bowl this year? My point, exactly.

MEDIOCRE: National Hockey League (NHL)

I won’t sit here and give you my reasons because I have only one. I’m no hockey fan. I still don’t understand the rules but going to a live game is awesome. I have been to two in my life and really enjoyed each, even though I didn’t root for anyone. If that is just a regular game, I can imagine the NHL All-Star Game an even better event to go to. That said, I don’t watch it when it’s on and unless you really care about hockey, you probably won’t be watching either. My opinion is mostly based on it not being as popular as the other sports I will/have mentioned.

BETTER: Major League Baseball (MLB)

Buddy Diaz

Granted, I’m biased because baseball is my favorite sport. Getting to see the league’s best players, all in one game, still excites me. I enjoy the Home Run Derby and catching some of the celebrity softball game always makes me laugh. I try to watch most of the game if I can because I root for my guys when they are playing. Giancarlo Stanton even won MVP and that makes me happy.

BEST: National Basketball Association (NBA)

The fact is, this is probably the best All-Star Game out of the 4 major sports. It’s hard to argue that basketball players are some of the most famous athletes in sports and that matters. Sure, they changed the rules and its nothing like watching a regular game but the star power is always there. It may not be the best in terms of entertainment but when you compare it to the the sports, it’s just done better.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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