Are The Yankees Back? Kevin Durant To Stay With Brooklyn Nets?!

SPANISH HARLEM – Today it’s all about the New York Yankees current 3-game win streak – to see if this is the beginning of they can build off. AND… the Kevin Durant saga and his decision to stay with the Brooklyn Nets.

New York Yankees

Don’t worry, I’m not here to make this about the Yankees and Mets. My Intention is to see if the Yankees can continue to put wins together. While it was a bit refreshing to see the Yankees win a couple of games in a row, I still feel a big shell-shocked but all the losing. I won’t sit here and say the Yankees have turned things around because I honestly don’t know. They still have problems in the bullpen and Frankie Montas┬áis still a question mark, despite a solid effort on Tuesday.

Giancarlo Stanton should be back any day now but it’s hard to imagine that he will be crushing the ball out of the gate, as it usually take some games to get into a groove. When you consider how bad the Yankees have been in general scoring runs lately, he could be another guy in the lineup not hitting. Sure, it will make the lineup deeper but it won’t guarantee that the Yanks will now score a ton of runs again.

Kevin Durant

Buddy Diaz

What a summer it has been for KD. One day he wants to get traded… The next he wants Steve Nash and Sean Marks fired, and finally, he decides that all is well . The news definitely came out of left field because I don’t think anyone reading this believed that he would ever suit up for the Nets again. Yet, here we are with Durant running it back with Kyrie Irving and new teammate Ben Simmons. If there is one, thing you can expect from all this it’s… more drama. But hey, that can be exciting for those of us on this website to throw our opinions around some more.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for Cam James., who’ll be reporting from someplace like Bull Frog Flats, WY.

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