Hindsight/Insight as Aaron Judge Hits 61, Plus, New York Knicks Training Camp

I want to dedicate this article to Denise Norton, who passed away from cancer. She was an amazing friend and someone I will dearly miss. Thank you for all the great memories!

SPANISH HARLEM – I wrote this last night as history was unfolding with Aaron Judge’s chase of Roger Maris. As a Yankees fan, it likely represents what many fellow fans were thinking, so I’ll let it ride as it happened. After that, we’ll get to the Knicks and NBA Training Camp.

AARON JUDGE (as it happened)

Aaron James Judge has been homer-less since connecting on 60 but what he has accomplished so far, should not be ignored. I would love – while writing this – for Judge to 61 and more. The honest truth is that this a lot more difficult than we all thought it would be. Last week, it seemed that he was going to hit 70, that is how hot he was.

Baseball is hard and while we forget that most of time, we still root for good things to happen. If Judge never hits another home run, this will still go down as one of best seasons I have seen from a baseball player. I guess I’m preparing myself for another week of walks but I just don’t want to feel disappointed. That’s not fair to him and while I will wish that he breaks the Yankees record for homers, I think his season has to be respected and appreciated.

The fact that he is in the discussion for the Triple Crown, is amazing. That should be talked about more, to lead the league in 3 of the most important categories in baseball, should be just as important. Let me tell you, batting over .300 in these times, is like .330 in the 80’s. You just don’t see that from enough players anymore, and when you take in account the power display, it’s a rare feat. The goods news is that there are more games for something special to happen.

BOOM. He did it. Yankee Nation can sleep easier.


Buddy Diaz

The NBA is back and that means, at least for me, more news about those New York Knicks. Yes, I’m still disappointed we didn’t get Donovan Mitchell. I will move on eventually, though. If there is one thing you can expect in basketball, is that some player will ask for a trade and we will be right back at it making offers. I can’t tell you who that player will be but I will keep my eye on  Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He plays on OKC and they are lottery bound again this season. Only time will tell if he will want out to  play for a winning team.

The big thing this season will be the development of RJ Barrett. It’s his time and I hope the Knicks realize that and expand on his role. He was almost traded for Mitchell but instead he was signed to an extension and will be driven by all the trade talk. Barrett is still young and has a game that has evolved every year in the league. While many may not see him as a superstar, I think his talent will prove people wrong. This team will go as far as his capable talent will take them.


That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Short Matt, Cam James or Different Matt – whomever caves first.

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