George Steinbrenner Couldn’t Fix Current Yankees. Clueless Fans Unrealistic

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EAST LANSING, MI – Being at a minor league ballpark – the spectacular home of the Lansing Lugnuts – for a college rugby rivalry allows one to step away from things a bit, particularly things re NYC sports… like the New York Yankees. You get a different perspective when you’re in a special place like this. It’s a simpler way of life, not the bustle and “right now” immediacy of the bustling Big Apple. Don’t be mislead, though, as this place has seen its share of star power. Noah Syndergaard played here (I was given his Lugnuts bobblehead by stadium Czar Terry – and hugged him for it). Carlos Beltran, Carlos Zambrano, Max Muncy Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. Jeremy Giambi, and Cavan Biggio also played here. Burt Reynolds was a kid from the neighborhood.  Anyway,  this town, ballpark and rugby event allowed me to step back from all things NY… Out of  The Fog of War emanating from the Bronx, so to speak.  And you know what?  It cracks me up as, especially as a Mets fan, looking at the Stanks’ situation and their relationship with their fans. Thus, today’s headline: George Steinbrenner Couldn’t Fix Current Yankees. Clueless Fans Unrealistic

George Steinbrenner Couldn’t Fix Current Yankees

Young Thor

The papers, publications and pundits are saying it’s time to blow the whole thing up and spend big. But wait… They have always spent big! The big difference, however, is that now other teams are also spending big too. George Steinbrenner’s cash used to be able to out-bid everybody else and that’s what Yankee fans became accustomed to. Well hello, that ain’t working anymore! The Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox, Padres, Phillies and Braves are spending big nowadays. Others aren’t far behind. That means you can’t necessarily buy your way to a championship. This levels the playing/spending field like it’s never been before. This is the new normal for Yankee fans: they may not win all the time.

Clueless Fans Unrealistic

A large portion of Bronx Bombers fans remain in this little cocoon that has been spun over years of outs-pending all other teams – as stated above. That ain’t today’s baseball. Sure you can get lightning in a bottle with some young players – like the Cleveland Guardians – but eventually you’re going to lose out to the deeper, more talented, big spenders. Hell even the Phillies spend a lot of money.

There were cries for Brian Cashman’s head. All this guy has done is win, win and win some more. Yeah, you haven’t won a World Series since 2009 but there are teams that haven’t ever won. The Dodgers spent a king’s ransom and had more wins than anybody –  but they were sitting at home early, after losing to the Philly.

Do you Yankee fans really think you’re going to get Aaron Judge, Justin Verlander (at 40 years old) and Edwin Diaz – who had one good year in Flushing – and pay for anyone else out there? It’s not happening, gang. Look at the Astros. They develop players and spend wisely. Yankees Nation wants to fire the GM, Head Coach (see Aristotle Mugsy Sakellaridis piece) and blow up the team. Really? There are some of those good young players in Pinstripes right now. Maybe they weren’t quite ready this year but they are worth developing further. Multiple teams would love to have some of your players. Calling for blowing up the team, firing everybody and spending, spending and spending some more is just clueless and unrealistic.

Exhale, Yankee fans. This ain’t George’s Yankees anymore.

That’s it for me, feel free to comment below and come back for our most frugal big spender, Junoir Blaber, tomorrow.


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