Losing Hurts… Yankees Re-Sign Anthony Rizzo, Is Aaron Judge Next???

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Hal: "I told you to let him go." (Thx to www.Metsmerizedonline.com)

SPANISH HARLEM – I have refrained from discussing the New York Yankees since they were beat by the Houston Astros – who went on to win the facking World Series. It was a hard pill to swallow, to say the least. I hated being swept and I just didn’t feel up to thinking about anything Yanks but time has passed. Part of me wants to see this team broken up, starting over with a new cast of characters. This is the Yankees so that wasn’t going to happen and the next best thing is focus on this future with this team, so let’s get into that now.

I love everything Anthony Rizzo brought to this team. He is a reliable left handed bat, with power and defense. All things you want from your first baseman in New York. Injuries happen but he was there at the end and pretty much the only guy on the team to provide results on the offensive side of things. He is the perfect guy to bat behind Aaron Judge – if he stays (more on that below). There is nothing more to say; he was a perfect fit on a flawed roster. Bringing him back was no-brainer, especially when you consider impact he might have on another signing.

Buddy Diaz

Aaron Judge is still a free agent but everything you hear in the news say the Yankees have had positive talks with him and his agent. This organization will try to do everything it can to bring him back, with money being no object in the way of getting that done. Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman have said all the right things in showcasing how important he is to this team and their fan base. Judge is certainly going to paid as one of the best players in the game and rightfully so, whether from the Yankees or some other team and losing him will only cause fans to riot. All signs point to the Yankees having an advantage but that can change quickly if the right deal is not presented.

It will be fun to see how everything shapes out and what changes could be looming in the distance, more on that in the future.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Short Matt.

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