Sports Rain Man: Buffalo Bills Jolt Jets, Iggles Ice Giants, NY Mets Sign Senga

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Hello. Before we get to the meat, let’s try the wings with My Life in a Small Town City notes… I have never met so many women that know their football like in Buffalo. I was at the kids’ museum during their autism-friendly events night, as my son is autistic. One of the people there is a lady that teaches special education at a local college. She sees my Jets winter hat (a great conversation starter here) and tells me her opinion(s). I am not talking about the typical, “I support my local team” but more, “The bills need a RB! How will they replace Von Miller? The Jets will be a handful because our offensive line is going to be a weak point.” With that, here’s the menu du jour: Buffalo Bills Jolt Jets, Iggles Ice Giants, NY Mets Sign Senga

Bills Jolt Jets

The Jets playoff hopes are in trouble. However, that can’t be put on Mike White, who hung tough despite getting absolutely drilled in the pocket. White had to leave the game twice and Joe Flacco came in and fumbled HIS FIRST PLAY. The second Jets fumble came courtesy of Michael Carter on a run that seemed to be setting Gang Green up for a touchdown. I am not sure if there was a proper review to see if Carter fumbled after he hit the ground. Either way, the Jets did what the Robert Saleh Jets do… they battled. After the Flacco fumble they held the Bills to a field goal. After the Carter fumble, they forced a Bills punt. I am starting to wonder if the current problem with the Jets offense isn’t Mike White. Now that the Jets have a capable QB, people have to start looking at OC Mike LaFleur. I just don’t believe his play-calling in the red zone is up to scratch. The defense did the best it could despite injuries and bad penalties; they held the Bills to 20 and need the offense to produce at least that much.  As for the Bills, it is pretty clear that Josh Allen will be MVP as he does it all with his legs and arm. He leaps for first downs and can use his legs to score or get important yards when the pocket collapses. He used all his skills to get the Bills the win yesterday.

Junior Blaber,

Giants Lose

The New York Football Giants lost to the Buddy Diaz-supported Philadelphia Eagles. The Iggles have only lost once all season. The Giants are developing and getting better but they are not at anywhere near ready to handle the Eagles. The Birds put up 44 points on a Giants defense that was just overmatched. The Big Blue offense tried to keep up but they could only muster a little over 20. I don’t think this is an indictment on the Giants but more of a reminder of how far they have to go, if they really want to challenge for a playoff spot.

Mets Sign Senga

Steve Cohen is the sugar daddy Mets fans have been looking for since George Steinbrenner became the owner of the Yankees. He cares about baseball, wants to win and isn’t concerned with no stinking salary cap. This weekend the Mets announced they signed Japanese star right-hander Kodai Senga.  The Mets came to an agreement with Senga, Saturday night on a five-year, $75 million contract. That is a lot of money for a 30-year-old, but a tad safer than betting on the deGrom guy. Also, Senga is a bit over-paid for a guy that will likely be the #3 pitcher in rotation.  He will join Justin Verlander (two years, $86.7 million) and Jose Quintana (two years, $26 million) – also signed this week. The new rotation is led by Max Scherzer. Carlos Carrasco, David Peterson and Tylor Megill add some depth. There are concerns about adjustment to the league and all of that but NYC is great city for an international player, as there are so many immigrant communities. He will find a Japanese section of town to live in and feel like home.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out the aforementioned Ben Whitney, who will tell me how the Giants have a better shot at the playoffs than my Jets.

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