Mets Lose Carlos Correa: A Yankees Fan Weighs In

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Carlos Correa will be freezing his baseballs off as per Scott Boras

SPANISH HARLEM – This week Mets fans found out the devastating news that Carlos Correa  agreed to a deal with the Minnesota Twins to the tune of 200 million over 6 years. There are more years and money that can be had in that deal but the initial 6 years are guaranteed. There was some sadness from a co-worker of mine that I talked with when the news broke. You could tell there was genuine melancholy in his tone speaking about it. I’m sure he wasn’t the only Mets fan that felt that but the question is:

Why did the Mets let Carlos Correa go?

Look, I’m not idiot… I know about the elephant in the room that is Correa’s ankle. There were rumored details that the organization wanted  language that helped them in the contract’s future. Some seemed reasonable. Some didn’t. In the end, Steve Cohen lost the one player he felt was the last piece to winning a championship.

So why didn’t the Mets match the same offer the Twins gave Correa?

Buddy Diaz

Correa should be a New York Met… if you ask me. If  I was Cohen and was willing to go 12 years but could have settled at 6 – with more money added yearly – I make that deal. Money is no factor, as Cohen has said.  Yet, Correa wasn’t brought in to win now? It’s just weird to me because the contract Correa got from the Twins wasn’t a bad one. Moreover, after weeks of negotiations they couldn’t get to this point? I’m confused and surprised that he got away and I’m a Yankees fan, so I can imagine it must feel the same for Mets fans… or worse.

Come back tomorrow for a guy that will make everyone feel worse, Cam James.

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