Big Ben: The Anthony Volpe Era Begins, Lamar Wants a Trade but Jets not Interested

STAMFORD, CT – The Packers Jets staring contest over the Aaron Rodgers compensation drags on. Lamar Jackson now wants out of Baltimore, but Joe Douglas only has eyes for Aaron. Back in the Bronx, Anthony Volpe winning the SS battle is all the rage. Can he live up to the hype? Let’s get to it.

Let the Volpe Era begin!

Yankees‘ fans are getting a touch ahead of themselves with Anthony Volpe. Many are already compared him to Jeter and figuring out how to make room in Monument Park. But it was damn impressive how he came into camp in the third position with the intention of winning the job. He dominated from the start.

Volpe led the team in runs, total bases, stolen bases, on base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS. Since they called it an open competition, they had no choice but to give him the job. And before you say something about those stats coming off guys who’ll be bagging groceries next week, he homered off the Twins’ opening day starter and nearly hit for the cycle against Phillies ace Aaron Nola over the weekend.

The only competition in many of those stats was fellow youngster Oswaldo Cabrera. If Aaron Hicks starts over that guy, well color me confused. I think we’ve seen Hicks swing really hard and pop it up enough for one lifetime.

Lamar Wants Out, But Joe Don’t Care

Lamar Jackson asking for a trade changes nothing for the Jets. They’re locked into a game of chicken with the Packers on a Rodgers deal that has to happen. But I don’t know why Jets GM Joe Douglas didn’t even feign interest to get the Packers nervous. If they were leery of angering Rodgers, couldn’t they have back channeled a wink wink message his way? The Jets might be playing this right, the Packers need to get this guy off the payroll. And the Jets can always go back to Wilson. Wait.

I don’t blame the Jets and Ravens for being hesitant to go long on Jackson. Sure he’s got tons of talent and a jaw dropping 45-16 record as a starter.

But on the downside, you’d have to guarantee him a load of cash. And he’s only played 12 games in both of the last two seasons and hasn’t come close to his 2019 MVP form. With his frequent running the chances of him making it through a season healthy are slim. And any team trading for him would have to give up tons of draft capital.

The Colts and Ravens seem like unlikely trade partners, but I think there’s a chance that could happen. The Colts must be anxious to get off the Past Their Prime QB Carrousel.

Who’s the opposite of Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan? Lamar Jackson. We’ll take him.

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