NBA Playoffs: 3 Knicks Playoff Match-Ups To Focus On

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SPANISH HARLEMNew York Knicks basketball is back, starting this Saturday at 6 pm in Cleveland, Ohio. It seems like these two teams have been locked in to face each other for weeks and now we get to see some intriguing storylines. Let’s focus on 3 match-ups to keep your eye on.

Julius Randle vs Evan Mobley

As I type this, we still don’t know if Randle will play in Game 1, but I have a feeling that when game-day comes around, he will be in the starting lineup. Julius has had a redemption-type year after disappointing fans last season. Us fans know – we need him to be at his best to win the series.

Meanwhile, Mobley is one of the best defensive players in the NBA this season and I fully expect him to be tied to Randle’s hip for most of the game. It certainly will be a challenge, as Mobley will be a finalists for the Best Defensive Player Award.

Jalen Brunson vs Darius Garland

Buddy Diaz

If last season was any indication, expect Brunson to be an elite scoring point guard for the Knicks. He was everything and more for the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs, especially when Luka Doncic was out of the lineup… Garland is not known for his defense and is a crafty pass-first point guard with high offensive skills when needed. Each player will try to prove they are the series’ best floor general.

RJ Barrett vs Donovan Mitchell

This story-line will get the most attention but neither player will guard the other, as those duties will fall on Quentin Grimes. It will be mentioned a ton of times throughout the telecast and I’m sure some people will make it into a drinking game. Barrett will feel the pressure to show he was worth keeping and Donovan will want to show Knicks what they are missing.

That’s it for me, come back tomorrow for Dick Guzzinya.

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