Feelings on The Knicks Season

"Ball movement, ball movement, ball movement. I love ball movement. " -Jim Dolan

SPANISH HARLEM – Seeing your team eliminated in the playoffs is never easy. The New York Knicks were not a team that many thought would win a championship, but that doesn’t mean you accept defeat. You wishfully think anything is possible and hope for the best. As we know now, the best was the 2nd round loss to the Miami Heat.

It may be difficult to understand right now, but most diehard New York fans will be happy with what the organization accomplished this season. No one knew how good Jalen Brunson would be. Nor was anyone sure if Julius Randle would have a bounce-back season. We all were surprised to see how integral Brunson would become and were reminded how good Randle can be when his head is on straight. When you think that most in media and casinos predicted that this team would win about 38 games, you can look back and see that many didn’t believe in this roster.

I know it’s easy to complain about Randle not having a good series or RJ Barrett being downright awful in game 6 but there is still a lot to be excited about. Most years, when the Knicks are good, it is considered flukey, but there is a different feeling surrounding them now. You have a young core in place that has improved year after year. They have the pieces in place to grow and develop or make a big trade if a desired player is available. Anything is possible and that is a whole lot better than what the last 20 years offered.

Buddy Diaz

The Knicks have the point guard and leader they sorely needed and better days seem ahead of them. Continued success is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Honestly, that is what I’m happy about and hopefully, you are too.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more from Haywood Jablomie.

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