Sports Rain Man: Mets False Dawn, Celtics vs Heat and Memorial Day

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday. Happy Monday and I hope everybody enjoys their memorial day. Considering the the meaning of Memorial Day and all it stands for, I’m not sure saying happy Memorial Day is the right word. With that in mind, here are today’s topics: Mets False Dawn, Celtics vs Heat and Memorial Day.

Mets Mets False Dawn

Last week, you heard me talking about the Mets possibly turned in the corner, receiving inspired play from the kids that they just called up, well that didn’t translate into more wins. At this point last weekend, we thought the Mets were ready to go on a tear, possibly going on 12 or at least close to 10 in a row and again and then start back up or something. They faced the Cubs and the Rockies and lost both series two to one. The bats haven’t necessarily gone cold, although Francisco Lindor, has the lowest batting average of all the regular starters but fourth is on the team in RBIs. What the Mets have is inconsistency and I guess a bit of that credit is due to the opposing pitchers but it just seems like when the bats have a big day, the pitching isn’t there. They scored 10 runs yesterday but still lost 11 to 10. The final three runs were part of a 9th inning comeback and attempt to tie the game that fell just short. Pitching, starting and relieving, has been highly inconsistent. Justin Verlander is finally got of the DL and started to show his work but Max Scherzer still hasn’t found his groove from last season, Kodai Senga as been better than advertised and is probably been the most consistent starter but the back end of the rotation with Tylor Megill and Cookie Carrasco has not been good enough and quite frankly has been poor. The bullpen is struggling to hold leads and come in and shut down rallies and things of that nature. The bullpen’s job is to sometimes be put in a tight spaces and find ways to get their teams out and this bullpen doesn’t look like they can. On offense, as I said they will have big outburst but then the next day they can’t follow it up so it’s not been consistent enough where the pitcher can go on say “if I give up three runs, I know my bats will score enough for me,” it it doesn’t look like it. they’re off today we’ll see how they start tomorrow but right now they sit at 500 after 54 games played there’s still a bunch of more games to play but they’re running out of time to get on one of those season-defining when streaks that help you pull away and secure playoff baseball..

Junior Blaber

Celtics vs Heat

I literally thought last week when I wrote about this playoff series, I was done with it. I think everybody else did too. I mean Boston was down three games to none and a fourth game loss seemed certain. However, to their credit the Celtics have battled back in each game to win, including game 6, where they hit a literal buzzer beater to win the game. Now they have a bit of the momentum and we’ve got game 7 tonight at the Boston Garden and we definitely cannot be sure who’s going to win. I think the Celtics have the momentum and at home they have to be favored after digging themselves out of the hole but you know Miami is never down and seem to be mentally unfazed by losses. I mean they almost pulled it off a couple nights ago so I think they’re very confident they can pull it off tonight.

Memorial Day 

Memorial Day isn’t a celebration but a recognition of the value of life and that freedom isn’t free. It’s why as I’ve gotten older and more appreciative of my life in America, I’ve moved away from saying Happy Memorial Day, I generally use enjoy Memorial Day More. One thing, I will say, as a liberal is I have noticed that that there is not much as flag waving that I know of and have spoken to. It is the kinda like this weird connotation and not to dissimilar from how patriotism in post WW2  Germany frowned upon. A lot of young men and women gave their lives because they believed in the American dream. You can disagree with the government policies in the wars besides World War I & II probably and before that who knows but you cannot disagree that these men and women gave their lives and service of this country because they believe in this country that much.  They said we should celebrate this country and that is what Memorial Day means to me.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will give us his thoughts on Celtics v Heat game 7.

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