A Frustrated Yankees Fan

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Domingo Herman, after suspensions for domestic abuse & cheating at baseball, is now perfect.

NOTECan I really complain about the Yankees when they just won 11-0 and Domingo German threw a Perfect Game against Oakland?!

SPANISH HARLEM – Before any New York Mets fans (looking at you Short Matt), tells me I’m spoiled because I’m a Yankees fan, please hear me out. I am frustrated with this squad as a whole and there hasn’t been much to write about when it comes to good times. So far this team has somehow won more games than they lost and that is somewhat of a miracle.

I know it hasn’t been easy to be a Mets fan this season but there hasn’t been much to root for on the Yankees side, either. We are both miserable and see no clear-cut way to get out of this mess. With or without Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees have not mustered much offense. Are they better when Judge is healthy? Absolutely. But this is where the problem lies. They are too dependent on one player’s offense… that’s not good.

I don’t remember a stretch this season in which the Yankees looked like they were producing on all cylinders. It has felt this way for a couple of years now. They go a couple of games and score a ton of runs and then go a couple of games where they do nothing on offense. It’s very a streaky team built upon streaky players. The one constant used to be DJ LeMahieu but he is now a shell of his former self.

Buddy Diaz

Judge has improved so much, that you can no longer call him streaky. He is as constant as anyone can be at the plate and on the field. You know what you will get; good at-bats game after game with the occasional slump that happens to everybody in baseball. This team should not look as bad as they have but that is the situation they are in right now.

Thats it for today, please come back tomorrow for Phil Myepocketts.

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