Boston Sweep (Still Furious), and NBA Draft News

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SPANISH HARLEM – I know it’s Thursday and the New York Yankees just finished winning/losing to the Seattle Mariners but nothing gets my blood boiling more than thinking about the weekend sweep at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. It was an ugly weekend to be a Yankees fan, to say the least.

I hate to see the Yankees lose, but I despise the Red Sox. Losing even one game in the series makes me hate them that much more. As you can imagine, it was disappointing to watch these games. The offense has been virtually nonexistent since Aaron Judge went down, but not having one guy playing to their potential is disturbing and a reminder that this group is flawed in many ways.

The NBA Draft

On the bright side, today is the NBA Draft. While the New York Knicks don’t have a pick in this year’s draft, there are rumors out there that they will try to get into it somehow. It looks like something that could happen later in the draft, around picks 20-30, if there is a player they like. Obi Toppin has been a name floating around circles as possible trade bait. I would hate to see Obi go and still believe he has some value on the Knicks, but he is stuck behind Julius Randle for the foreseeable future.

Buddy Diaz, Meet The Matts
Buddy Diaz

In other news, keep your eyes on Scoot Henderson, as his name has been rampant in trade news for the last week or so. There are a handful of teams who are looking to trade into the 2nd pick to get him, but it all depends on the Charlotte Hornets and what they want to do. They have LaMelo Ball, so they may not want to pair two lead/point guards, and trading that pick may bring a nice haul. There is interest in the Hornets drafting Brandon Miller. That would allow the Portland Trailblazers (with 3rd pick), to reap the benefits that Henderson brings, including the same said possibilities presented to the Hornets.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Al Knackerup.

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