Sports Rain Man: Weekly Mets Update, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! Another busy weekend. I got my brakes done, so that’s a positive. As Anyway, it is not deja vu, it’s summertime… so the Mets will be on my mind and the NBA and NHL finals are still going on, so they will be too.  Thus, here are today’s topics: Weekly Mets Update, NBA Finals, NHL Finals.

Weekly Mets Update

Woof!! The Mets are even worse since my update last Monday. To date, they have lost 8 of their last 9 with their one win coming Saturday to break up the losing streak. They were swept by Atlanta, which is of course horrible and looking at the fact that Atlanta are about 10 games up it seems like the Mets are competing for a wildcard spot and will win their umpteenth NL East title. The Mets are about four games under .500 and everything has gone wrong. The pitching hasn’t been good enough and when it has been, the bats have been silent and not clutch. Francisco Lindor has been terrible. Pete Alonzo’s been Mr. Home Run or bust but at least he gets RBIs, because the Mets have the worst on-base percentage in the division or damn near close to it. We have a long way to go and a lot of baseball to still play but this is probably one but worst weeks for the Mets in years. They’re supposedly considering bringing up stud prospect Ronnie Mauricio even though nobody’s quite sure where he’ll play, they’re hoping generate some hits and some momentum to effect the rest of the vets get somethings going.

Junior Blaber, Formally.

NBA Finals: Nuggets vs Heat

It’s a really damning of the NBA schedule that it’s been a week since the last game time I posted on and only two games, have been played. Both those games went to Denver on the road in Miami, who are on the ropes and down 3 games to 1, seriously. Everybody talks about the Denver offense and how dangerous Nikola Jokic is but the defense has been shutting the oppo down again. In their three losses, the Heat are averaging about 93 points while Denver is averaging a strong 107. The difference are that Heat shooters aren’t as hot as they were in the previous series and the Denver shooters have stayed hot. Then you add their defense and them having to best player in the world this year and they are all set for their first title.

NHL Finals: Golden Knights vs Panthers

Speaking of first trophies it looks like in their 6th year existence the Las Vegas Golden Knights are going to win the Stanley Cup, this is a real slap in the face to the original six franchises but they have not been playing well and the Golden Knights have gotten the formula right. Good goalkeeping, good leadership, adding gritty players at the deadline, and then timely goal scoring. It’s that simple and that effective although considering how Florida came back against Boston you can’t rule them out but they have given themselves another massive hill to climb and I don’t think Las Vegas is going to choke like Boston but let’s hope Florida can win a game or two and really get the series going again.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will give us his thoughts on The Stankees.

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