Angry Ward: East Coast Baseball Follies – Featuring the Mets, Yanks, and Orioles

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Matrix shades and sweaty chest hair - two great choices... if you're NOT in NYC.

NEW YORK, NY – This is the last post for me before taking off on your standard last-gasp-of-summer vacation. So, this is me CLEARLY telling Management: *I WILL NOT BE POSTING NEXT WEEK. Hopefully, they get the message and find a capably-miserable replacement. Let’s talk some sports sh!t.

The Mets. At the MLB Trade Deadline, the Mets basically gave up on their season. So… why bother writing about them? Especially since they got their millionaire a$$e$ swept by both Kansas City and Baltimore last week. Well, for starters, they are doing a great job of making sure that Buck Showalter is out of a job by season’s end. They sent Brett Baty down, which was long overdue. They may want to consider the same with Mark Vientos, who has been equally abysmal. There are others, but this is no time for a laundry list. Also, while they’re ridding themselves of useless pieces, it’s time to call someone to come collect GM Billy Eppler. He was probably past his expiration date the day he was brought in, but now the stench is unbearable. There are much more capable GMs out there. Ineppler will be added to the Mets front office Ring of Shame on the first ballot, the moment he becomes eligible. But the Mets aren’t the only clown show in town.

Yankees Snapshot. On Monday night the New York Yankees offered up the perfect little CliffsNotes version of their season by losing to the White Sox on a night when their ace, Gerrit Cole, was pitching. It was an off night for Cole, against a team 20+ games under .500, but these things happen. But it was the other stuff that stood out about this 5-1 loss. First, Carlos Rodón is going back to his home-away-from-home, the IL. In the game itself, the Yankees walked 8 times (!!!), struck out 12 times (!!!), and left 13 men on base. That’s a whole lot of non-contact and standing around on the base paths scratching your a$$es. I’m glad I missed this one. Also, naturally, Aaron Boone got ejected arguing a strike call that actually was a strike and further humiliated himself by doing a spaz interpretation of Laz Diaz’s strikeout call. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2023 NY Yankees. I mean, the Mets are clearly the bigger disappointment/embarrassment, but still the Yankees somehow manage to hold their own in both categories.

Orioles Sh!t in Their Nest. Even as the Baltimore Orioles are slowly starting to get things right, they still can’t stop themselves from doing stupid Baltimore Orioles stuff. The most recent example being team ownership (Angelos: The Crap Standard for 30 years) deciding to remove play-by-play man Kevin Brown from broadcasts because he dared tell the truth about how poorly the O’s have fared playing in Tampa Bay the past three years. He was just commenting about how this year’s team had surpassed past clubs’ three-year win total at Tropicana Field. It was a good and interesting point… and it got him yanked off the air. The Orioles now are disputing that Brown was suspended, but everyone knows better with this group. Their front office should seriously consider shutting up, keeping their hands off everything, and try enjoying success for a change.

Speaking of success stories, come back tomorrow for the American Dream personified, Mr. Buddy Diaz.

*Management does not acknowledge this.

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