Is Change Coming for the Yankees?

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman. (Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports)

SPANISH HARLEM – As the New York Yankees continue with their dreadful season, more and more fans want to see changes. Easier said than done, but let’s look at some of those possible changes from most likely to less likely.


Definitely the easier of the bunch and the most likely to happen after the season. The Yankees still have holes in left field and starting pitching that need to be addressed. You also must consider the age of many veterans on the team and how that will impact the front office from making changes and adding players.

The front office needs to tell the fans that they will be steadfast on developing prospects and give them the opportunity to learn and grow on the Major League level, no matter the outcome of the season. It will allow us to expect some growing pains in the hope that they become a part of the future. It will also take the pressure off from making the playoffs next season, while giving the fans something they have been clamoring for.


This is the option that many fans hope happens at the end of the season and while I believe they need a new voice in the clubhouse, can this organization find the right man for the job when they don’t allow their manager to manage. We all know the Yankees are built around the philosophy and analytics they believe will lead to the best results and they will find somebody to lead the team that follows suit. It will be change for changes sake but in all honesty, won’t matter much.


Here is the guy that fosters that philosophy the Yankees blindly follow. For years now, I have not enjoyed the make up or roster construction of this team. The all or nothing approach to the offense, the launch angles shenanigans that are implored throughout the system have not produced the results they expected. The game has changed and its time that Cashman changes his philosophy and do so very quickly because he would be insane not to.


Buddy Diaz

I’m the first to say that George Steinbrenner was not always the best owner, but he brought the Yankees championships and all he ever wanted to do was win more championships, that definitely spoiled the fan base. Some fans want every player in free agency, and they want them now, but Hal is not George, and we need to come to grips with that. Maybe one day, someone will cough up enough dough to entice the Steinbrenner family to sell the team but that won’t be happening anytime soon and maybe not in our lifetime.

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