New York Yankees Make More Room for Prospects

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SPANISH HARLEMHappy Days are upon us! The NFL begins next weekend and the New York Yankees finally released Josh Donaldson. I mean…Wow! I called it in my last column but never really thought it would happen. Let’s just say it was wishful thinking on my part and an option they decided needed to be pursued.

At this point in the season Brian Cashman and the Yanks have nothing else better to do than see what their young prospects can do. Get them Major League experience in the process, so they can be implemented in the everyday lineup for next year. This team is old and there is nothing worse than old and terrible, which the Yankees are.

Hell, why not make more room on the 40-Rosters for the likes of Austin Wells and “The MartianJasson Dominguez? We have heard so much about them and along with Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza, were considered untradable. If we didn’t trade them, then now is a better time than any to find out what they can do. Every little bit of experience counts and can be really helpful for the organization. Give each an opportunity at making the roster out of training camp next year.

Buddy Diaz

Harrison Bader was a surprise but in all honesty, they may not bring him back. They may also feel that releasing him now allows him to play for a playoff contender – if claimed.

Either way, make room for the prospects, because they are coming and now is the time to give them a shot.

That’s it for now, feel free to leave your thoughts below – and it doesn’t have to be about the Yankees.

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