Sports Rain Man: Weekly Mets Update, Women’s World Cup Final and Noah Lyles’ Double

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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! I enjoyed my weekend as there was loads of sports on. I have been paying attention to a debate going on in the Rugby World but I will let Short Matt and the Rugby Wrap Up shows discuss Owen Farrell, or I will later this week – if he needs someone to cover some people have the audacity to take vacations around here. As for today  the topics are: Mets Update, Women’s World Cup Final and Noah Lyles’ Double

Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets have been much better. With the MLB Trade Deadline behind them and the lack of pressure to achieve anything, they have played better. From Monday to Sunday, the Mets went 5-2, splitting the first two games before taking the rubber match versus the Pirates, and took the first 3 games from the Cardinals – before losing yesterday. The bats have come alive with key men Nimmo, Lindor, Alonso and McNeil actually getting hits and home runs. This can only help the young guys that have been called up like Stewart, Ortega and the like. The Mets now sit 7 games under .500 with 36 games left in the season. There is plenty of time to get to .500 and at least finish positively, while calling up a couple of the Triple A studs to see what they can do with 25 games of big league ball.

Women’s World Cup Final

Not only is there a new Queen of Women’s soccer, this is new first-time winner. Spain won the final against England in an excellent and exciting match that finished in the most common score in soccer 1-0. As usual, the score doesn’t do the match justice. It was a contrast of styles as England used its power and pace to go vertical and direct while Spain imitated their men and tried to do a technical sound possession game. We had near misses with shots going just wide and off the post plus an arm wrestle over the dominance as each team took turns dominating the action. You can’t say Spain didn’t deserve their win, actually who ever lost would have been hard done. I think this tournament was a great advertisement for women’s soccer. England can hold their heads high and their woman have finished higher than their men have at a WC since 1966.

Noah Lyles’ Double

Junior Blaber

Noah Lyles is attempting to do complete the 100m-200m world championship double. The last person to do was the legendary Usain Bolt who did it in 2009, 2013 and 2015. The last American was Tyson Gay in 2007. He took the first step on Sunday by winning the 100m at this year’s world championships in Budapest, Hungry. Lyles had a poor start but was able to overcome it and accelerate past the competition to win by .05 seconds. A dominating performance by Lyles. The final for the 200m is on Friday, the 25th. I don’t want to say we have to wait til then because ever since Dan vs Dave*, I don’t like to predict in the Track and Field world.

* Dan vs Dave dates back to 1992 and if you know it, then you are as old as me.

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