The New York Yankees Are Fun Again… Seriously.

They Yankees are fun & "Dandy" again - like Mr. Met!

Spanish Harlem – The New York Yankees are fun to watch again. I know they won’t make the playoffs. The season has been a disaster on all fronts. YET –  I can’t help but watch them play. It’s exciting to see what these players will do on a night-to-night basis and, hopefully, this will be a glimpse of what the future holds.

There is little doubt that every prospect brought up will be on the Opening Day roster in 2024, but they can certainly make it a super tough decision. If the opportunity is there on the free agent market to make this team better, I feel that the Yankees and Brian Cashman will do their best to improve the club. Whether that is a position player or pitcher, is yet to be seen.

No one is expecting a legit rebuild but adding youth to this team was a necessity. This group has been together for a couple of years and only disappointed in the end. Its time to see what can be done to change the outlook and philosophy going forward.

Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole deserve the chance to be in the playoffs and compete for a championship, that is clear. What we know now is that presently constructed, they were not going to bring a winner to New York. That time has passed and now it’s about building the best team possible from within.

Buddy Diaz

Can Oswald Peraza, Anthony Volpe, Oswaldo Cabrera, Austin Wells and Jasson Dominguez, become the future? That won’t know today but it’s definitely better than taking your chances with what was presented before. Add another lefty bat or two and you might see a contender again.

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