Big Ben Tuesday: Ex-Yankees and Mets Abound in the ALCS, Giants and Jets Prepare for a Week 8 Donnybrook

Houston, TX: A few ex-Yankees and Mets are playing a pivotal role for Texas in this series. It’s a painful reminder of what could have been. The Giants and Jets meet up in Week 8 in a game would thought would mean a lot more. We got both kinds of sports today, football and baseball.

Mad Max and Monty

He’s a renegade who does things his way. He’s a by-the book stickler. Together, they make it work. Premiering on TNT, Mad Max and Monty!

The Mets signed Mad Max in hopes of him toeing the runner in Game 7 of the championship series. Well, good news, bad news. He was on the hill on Monday in a Game 7 championship game, but he’s pitching for the Rangers. They had a tight leash with Scherzer as he’s been getting Schelled and pulled him in the third in favor of Jordan Montgomery, the ex-Yankee, on two days rest. I didn’t see that coming.

The Rangers just pulled out to a six run lead. If you’re a Rangers’ fan, and we all are right now because F the Astros, you’re hoping you don’t see another ex-Yank, Aroldis Chapman, in this game.

If the Rangers make it through, they might be facing Zack Wheeler, another ex-Met. Maybe the Mets should’ve held onto that guy? Just a thought. And I didn’t even mention Verlander or deGrom.

As luck would have it, I’ll be in Philly tomorrow for Game 7. I might just put a small wager on the home team and cheer with the locals. I’ll feel dirty after, but it won’t be the first time I compromised on my values for instant gratification.

Back to Monty, whom the Yanks traded him for Harrison Bader. Bader is a solid player and had some nice post-season moments, but that was a bad trade with the way Monty has pitched. Throw in the horrendous Donaldson trade and Rodon signing, and it’s obvious that Brian Cashman is on a losing streak. He should be getting more heat from the brass.

Giants vs Jets

The Giants and Jets will lock horns this Sunday in a game that seemed like it would be a heavyweight (or at least middleweight) bout of playoff contenders. Well, Maras and Johnsons plan, and the football gods laugh.

The Jets are hanging around thanks to their defense and a win would put them over .500 and into the mix. With the stumbles by the Bills and Dolphins, the division is still in play. The second half schedule is not daunting.

DO NOT let this guy face Altuve in a big spot.

The Giants pulled off an extremely unimpressive win vs the Commanderskins. Two and five is still brutal, but so is the NFC. Let’s give the divisions to the 49ers, Eagles, Lions, and Falcons (I guess). And let’s give Wildcards to the Cowboys and Seahawks. That leaves a smorgasbord of shite, a poo poo platter of putrid, an a la carte of ass, for the third Wildcard. The three wins teams are the Commanders, Bucs, Saints, and Rams. Do any of those look like playoff teams to you?

The Giants have three nearly guaranteed losses on the remaining schedule to the Cowboys and Eagles twice, but it is otherwise not bad. They look like they’ve figured out something on defense. If they could get the offense going, maybe they could hang around.

Or they could fall apart completely…Forget I said anything.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for A. Ward.
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