Preseason NBA Basketball: The Knicks Get Back to Work

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The Knicks have come a long way since these days!

SPANISH HARLEM – New York Baseball is over, Football is rolling right along, and up next is Basketball. The New York Knicks are coming to the preseason with some high hopes and even more potential. The addition Donte DiVincenzo has compiled even more fans to the Villanova Wildcats hype train, after Josh Hart came in and flourished. Will DiVincenzo bring the same impact?

The down to side to all that is the trade of Obi Toppin. I was a big fan of the energy and attributes he brought to the team but with Tom Thibodeau playing Julius Randle big minutes, we all knew that it was only a matter of time. With that said, the Knicks basically bring back the same group that made the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Arguably, the team loses length but adds more shooting. Which is something that was sorely needed last season and was even more a factor against the Miami Heat in the playoffs, who went on to the NBA Finals. Can the Knicks be that team that surprises and gets to the upper echelon of the conference is yet to be determined but potential is there to be excited.

We know now that Jalen Brunson is the real deal, fits well with Randle and if RJ Barrett finds a way to improve his overall game and play, Madison Square Garden will be rocking again. That is unless a trade is made for a true superstar… we should all still dream.

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