Big Ben Tuesday: Giants Meaningless Win, Jets Headed to QB Hell – Time to Tank

East Rutherford, NJ: Apologies for the delay. I was planning on writing a tire-pumping piece on the New York Rangers, but then they got waxed by the struggling Sabres. What I won’t do is tell you about my fantasy team, like Junoir Blaber, because no one, and I mean no one, wants to hear about your fantasy team. So let’s get back to the sagas of the 2023-24 New York Giants and Jets. The Giants beat a hapless Patriots team and the Jets again looked incompetent. Time to head to Tank City, USA. Nothing more can be gained from winning this season.

Ryland Goes Wide Left

Not the guy

Here’s my impression of Bill Belichick’s conversation with kicker Chad Ryland before the tying FG attempt.

BB: You will miss this kick.
CR: But coach, I haven’t been having the best year. Management might lose faith in me if I miss it.
BB: If you make it you’ll be cut before you get to to shower.
CR: Ok then.
BB: Don’t forget to act disappointed. Follow my lead.

So the Giants won a meaningless game, worsening their odds of landing a franchise stabilizing QB. They’ve moved out of Drake Maye territory and into Bo Nix/Jayden Daniels land. Caleb Williams is now a pipedream, unless they want to part with a Panthers level haul. But that trade doesn’t look like a winner at this juncture and Head Coach Frank Reich already lost his job.

The Giants now have the sixth pick in the draft while the Patriots have jumped up to third. And with the Bears and Cards in the first two spots, teams that might be stuck with content with their QBs, third could be good enough to get Caleb. Probably not, but it’s better than sixth.

A job well done

Danny Danny, He’s Our Guy

Giants GM Joe Schoen gave some lukewarm support for Dan Jones, saying he’s the starter when healthy. I’m pretty sure his fingers were crossed. Is it bad that he has been their third best QB this season?

Tanking obviously sucks, but the one time you really should consider it is for a QB. Look how guys like Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and CJ Stroud have transformed their franchises. You’ve made your point guys, you’re still playing hard for Daboll. Now please lose the rest of your games.

Meet the New Jets, Same as the Old Jets

The Jets with Tim Boyle looked a lot like the Jets with Zach Wilson. For some reason Aaron Rodgers still seems to be pushing to get back this season. That is lunacy, but the Jets clearly can’t stop Aaron from doing what he wants. For the reason the Jets will have to go all in and draft a player who can help them next season. Imagine if they drafted a QB in the first round? Aaron would rage.

But they need to add one to their QB room for next season and they need to get Zach Wilson out of the building asap. They have to get someone in there who can hold the fort in the not-unlikely event Rodgers gets hurt again next season. If the Rodgers experiment doesn’t work out next year either, they really could be putting themselves in QB Hell for quite a while.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, whose Vikes lost a tough one to the Bears last night after Junoir said they would win the division. Hey maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves with this Dobbs fellow. Re-sign Kirk! Re-sign Kirk!

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