Did Brian Cashman Insult Giancarlo Stanton?

SPANISH HARLEM Giancarlo Stanton’s Agent, Joel Wolfe, released a statement discussing Brian Cashman’s interview, in which the star’s health was brought up. I really didn’t see a problem with that. Sure, I understand being there to defend your client, but this is a losing battle. There have been many texts between family and friends about Stanton. How his injury history is a problem and something the Yankees have to account for every year. Cashman clearly said he thought he was a great player when he is healthy. However, the truth of matter is that Stanton will at some point have another injury that will make inactive for some extended period of time.

My problem with all this, is his agent having a problem with all this. How can you talk down the Yankees when all they did was speak the truth? I’m sure everyone involved, including Stanton himself, understand that he has has an issue with injuries. He has even brought it up at sometimes, stating that he has to try and find a way to stay on the field and knows he makes the team better when he is in the lineup. That’s not to mention his contract has turned into an albatross and will weigh down the team from getting better because they have to take into account the money and years left on that deal.

Buddy Diaz

It’s not rocket science.  It’s proven year after year that Stanton will not play a full season. That won’t change anytime soon and will only get worse with time. The organization has to build around the fact that he will miss some time.

Cashman said anything that all Yankees have discussed amongst each other. The fact that Wolfe felt he had to address this in public was not ideal. Free agents know you need to have tough skin to play in New York or the fans will eat you and spit you out.

Wolfe is clearly delusional.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Jackson Sternberg.

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