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Spanish HarlemChristmas is a joyous day for many of us, even more so if you are a sports fan. This year’s lineup has a ton of basketball games (as usual) that will start at noon and stay on all night long. There are also NFL games starting on Saturday and ending on Christmas Day. There are a lot of sports to watch and love this weekend, but I will also make some Christmas Sports Wishes to end the year, let’s jump into that now.

Wish #1: The Yankees Get Yamamoto

Yoshinobu Yamamoto is what I want for Christmas. You can give it to me now, or after Christmas. I really don’t care.

Make it happen, Santa!

I’m sure Met fans want the same thing. Bah, humbug!

Wish #2: The New York Knicks Make a Big Trade

I love the New York Knicks and am extremely happy that this group is not the abomination that took the floor for so many seasons. They fight hard and on any given day, can beat every team in the league. There is a lot to be proud of, but as currently constructed, it would take a miracle to win an NBA Championship. That is why I want a big trade to go down for the Knickerbockers. At some point they must use their assets to make this team better…

Why. Not. Now?

Wish #3: Draymond Green Turns His Life to Jesus (and Continues His Onslaught on the NBA)

Buddy Diaz

Nothing would be better than Green coming back from whatever therapy he is going through and claiming that he is reborn. Not only that, but hopefully he continues to wreak havoc on NBA teams stating that, “This is what GOD told me to do.” This would tickle Angry Ward, a longtime Golden State fan.

Wish #4: That Every MTM Staff Member Has a Wonderful Christmas/Holiday

A lot of us take time out of day to provide content for this website and it can be daunting. Sometimes, you must come up with something even when you have nothing to write about.  Everyone here continues to pump out good stuff, though. And THANK YOU for stopping by and reading/commenting.

Kudos to all of us…

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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