Roberto Clemente: A Death Never to Be Forgotten

WHITESTONE, NY – The past few years the line “don’t believe what you read,” is becoming factually true. The members of the media have become wimps in reporting the news or even sharing a story from their hearts.

The month of December is known for the celebration of Christmas and New Years Eve. Something sorrowful was added to the last month of the year in 1972. Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente perished in that infamous plane crash.

One of the most clueless questions concerning Clemente was asked in 2004. Radio personality Bruce Morrow, also known as Cousin Brucie, was hosting a Variety Club charity telethon. While live on television he asked his co-host, Roberto Clemente Jr., “How’s your dad?”

Morrow, who has been on the radio for years, and who the listeners rely on for musical sounds and public information, had the ultimate brain fart. He justified the dumb-ass question with, “I don’t know diddly about sports.”

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Cousin Brucie doesn’t know diddly about much more as he showed his “dumb blond” side. The thought of this dude being a trusted voice is a reflection of what’s going on with today’s talking heads. The errors I pick up while reading the periodicals or watching news anchors and so-called sports experts have become constant.

The Cousin Brucie error comes to my mind every December. What makes it worse is who was on the receiving end of that question, the son of the deceased. Rest in peace Roberto Clemente Sr.

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