Tommy Cutlets and some NFL Monday Night Fun, the Return of Zach Wilson and Joe Flacco

Hey... Retirement ain't bad! (Newsday Photo by Brad Penner.)

WHERE HOFFA IS BURIED, NJ – If you didn’t have a smile on your face watching Tommy Devito’s family celebrate the Giants’ walk off win – kiss each other, utter joy on their faces – you might want to check your pulse. And speaking of hard-to-believe QB play, if you told me a month ago that Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson would have 300-yard, multiple-TD performances in December wins, I would have bet my house and raised my balls against that happening. Crazy weekend.

Tommy Cutlets

You could see Tommy gaining confidence as the game went on. Where he was sliding early, he started taking on tacklers and putting his shoulder down. His legs got him out of trouble early in the game, then he hit some monster throws with the game on the line.  The Cutlets Legend grows.

All this winning the Giants have been doing is hurting their chances of drafting a top QB. But hey, maybe they don’t need one! He’s a rich man’s Daniel Jones. And somehow they’re only one game out of a playoff spot…

Zach is Back

Zach’s second half against the Texans seems to indicate his problems are largely mental. His team doesn’t seem to want him, it was a rainy, meaningless game in December, and Aaron Rodgers was on the sideline waiting to take over. At dome point, he’s got to tell himself “F this, i’m gonna let it rip.” A nearly perfect half for Wilson.

If nothing else, the Giants and Jets gave kicks to the groin of two playoff hopefuls. So we’ve got that going for us, friends.

Flacco Also Backo

After his nightmarish tenure in New York, I never thought Joe Flacco would get another chance. He’s only 38, but the man is a statue. His line yesterday was 26 for 45, with 311 yards passing, and 3 TDs. I didn’t see that coming. To be fair, the Jaguars have made Jake Browning and Joe look like superstars in the last two weeks, but it was still surprising.

Playoff Position

Ben Whitney

To make sure you’re up to date, the Baltimore Ravens are now the top seed in the AFC. The mediocre Steelers and Colts are somehow playoff teams. In the NFC, the 49ers and Cowboys are tied at 10-3. The mediocre Vikings and Packers are still in playoff spots despite tough losses.

The Lombardi Trophy is headed to the NFC this year, I’ll wager.

That’s it for me. Swing by tomorrow for Angry Ward Filets.

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