Streaking Knicks Bounce Brooklyn, But Can They Improve?

SPANISH HARLEM, NYC – The New York Knicks continued their winning on Tuesday against the Nets in Brooklyn. It was a game in which the Knicks come back from more than 10 points down in the final quarter to pull out the win. The Nets were spunky in the first half, and followed suit with an impressive 3rd quarter. Unfortunately for them, though, they found the buzz-saw that is the Knicks defense in the 4th.

It wasn’t the prettiest win of the season, but it was one the Knicks needed ahead of Denver and Miami coming to town. This will be quite the test for the orange and blue but one that can be used to see how close they are to two of the best teams in the league. Miami is currently below the Knicks in the standings, but many will tell you that Miami is the better team.

How do the Knicks change the narrative from a tough-minded team to a team that can possibly compete for a championship? Sure, we all want the true superstar that can transcend this team to new heights, but logic tells me that there are a couple of players that can be had that aren’t top tier guys but can still help them advance far into the playoffs.

Buddy Diaz

Two players I like are, Malcolm Brogdon and Jordan Clarkson. If the Knicks can somehow get one of these guys, they will greatly improve an offense that is lacking when Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are off the court. Both are point guards that can create their own shots and bring it on the defensive side of the ball. While Clarkson can be an explosive scorer on some nights, Brogdon can be seen as a crafty scorer with good footwork that is similar to Brunson’s. Both can shoot from three, so they will allow more spacing in the offense. That will benefit everyone.

I would love to get Clarkson, but Brogdon is really good, too. Either one will be a big help on the court, now and in the playoffs.

That’s it for now, come back to tomorrow for Action Jackson Sternberg. Drop a comment below and let me know the player you want the Knick to trade for.

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