Grapefruit League Report: Yankees Leaving Stink Behind?

SPANISH HARLEM – Baseball is in the air. Spring Training has officially started with pitchers and catcher reporting to camp. Finally, we as fans can start getting serious about the baseball season.

For the New York Yankees, they will try to leave the stink behind of last season and look forward to the new additions of players acquired to improve their offense. Fans will finally see Juan Soto in a Yankees uniform and can dream about the possible stats he will have throughout the season now that he calls Yankees Stadium home.

It wasn’t the best off-season for the Yankees, but it wasn’t anywhere close to bad or marginal. The biggest move, of course, was Soto. Any time you can add one of the best hitters in the world, you want to celebrate that addition. Sure, it sucked that they couldn’t get Yoshinobu Yamamoto – but the contract was downright expensive when you consider that he will make more money than Gerrit Cole.

Brian Cashman took a big swing at Yamamoto and whiffed, by no fault of his own.


Now we focus on the future and pray that they have a healthy spring that leads into the regular season. Last year they had a string of bad luck in all areas, but that is the way it is sometimes. Some seasons you deal with a ton of injuries and some seasons you stay relatively healthy. Let’s hope it’s the latter rather the former.

Buddy Diaz

What will the lineup finally look like when it’s all said and done? Will Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes have a bounce back season? Can the lefty hitters balance out a lineup that heavily favored right handers hitters last year?

All good questions to start, what are yours for the Yankees (and Mets – for the Flushing fans).

Comment below and come back tomorrow for Jumpin’ Jackson Sternberg.

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