Knicks Win 8th Straight, Thank You Donte!

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Will it last?

SPANISH HALREM – No Julius Randle. No OG Anunoby. No problem. That is what this week has been like for the New York Knicks. They are riding the wave  – and riding it perfectly. Two of their most important players have been sidelined with injuries and this bunch doesn’t miss a beat.

Even the most delighted Knicks fans understand that something special is happening. They are coming together in a time of need. With two of their best players down, this group is fighting, playing defense, and finding ways to win games. Will this last? Probably not, but it shows that they are doing everything they can to do to win.

What more can you ask for? They aren’t folding under the pressure that can be had when you lose your 2nd best employee, for what could be a couple of weeks… if not more. Anunoby was a surprise scratch against the Charolette Hornets on Monday, and after losing Randle against the Miami Heat, this just felt like bad luck at struck at the wrong time. Not only did this team not quit, but they are also excelling playing a different style of basketball. They shot more threes and missed more threes, but the ball was finding the hoop more often than not. They have no one on the roster that can duplicate what Randle does and somehow, they haven’t scored any less points. You can thank Donte DiVincenzo for that!

Buddy Diaz

OG Anunoby will be back soon, as his injury is not as complicated as Randle’s. We still don’t have a concrete assessment from the Knicks medical staff about it and how long he will be out. Woj tweeted it’s looking more like weeks instead of months for Randle, but nothing said has been definitive. Until we know, it’s easy to feel unsure of what is next for Julius. Until we know more, just keep rooting for the guys on the floor because they deserve all the praise right now.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Jackson Sternberg. Leave a comment below and let me know how you are feeling about this Knicks team.

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