NBA Tradeline Deadline – Who the Knicks Should Add and Why

Spanish Harlem – The NBA Trade Deadline ends today at 3 pm and at some point, today we will know if the New York Knicks made a trade to improve the team for the stretch run. These Knicks have continued their winning ways but have also continued to deal with injuries to key players. It is imperative that they add one or more players to pick up the slack but also as reinforcements for when they are completely healthy (we can only hope).

I have discussed some NBA players that I thought would fit well and I continue to feel the same way. My ideal guy would be Jordan Clarkson, but my hopes are not high when you consider that Danny Ainge would rather die a slow death than help the New York Knicks. That leaves me with my other option, Malcolm Brogdon, who would definitely improve the team’s bench and give them someone who can score and get others involved when Jalen Brunson is on the bench. He can even play along Brunson in some lineups when extra outside shooting is needed.

Another player that Knick fans might remember is Alec Burks, who played well under Tom Thibodeau, when he wasn’t asked to play point guard. He is familiar with the system and his 3-point shooting would help the second group immensely. Another name that has come up recently in rumors is Bogdan Bogdanovic from Atlanta. Sure, it’s not Dejounte Murray but he would fit better, as someone that doesn’t need to start but can also be someone who can set an offense on the 2nd unit.

Buddy Diaz

What we don’t want is Knicks management staying pat because this team needs help right now. Quentin Grimes, who has been included in trade rumors, is injured and I don’t want to see him go, as he is solid player that can help when healthy. OG Anunoby is still on the fend and Brunson needs guys on the court that will make his job easier. Let’s hope that the Knicks gives fans something to be excited about.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more content. Leave a comment below and let me know what players you want the Knicks to add – please don’t say Lebron James.

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