Sports Rain Man’s Super Bowl Special: Game, Halftime Show, Commericals

Super Bowl: Shirts off!

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Super Bowl Monday! We can’t avoid it, so let’s take it head-on. With that, here’s the Sports Rain Man’s Super Bowl Special: Game, Halftime Show, Commericals.

Super Bowl 

This game was mixed bag. It was one of the sloppiest ever. KC had one interception and 4 fumbles – losing one. SF had 1 muffed punt turnover and a lost fumble. However, it was also was incredibly competitive and went into overtime. On sub-story was of MeCole Hardman leaving Kansas City, going to the Jets to play with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers got hurt and Hardman was lost in the futility of the Jets offense. He was traded back to KC for low draft pick, yet there he was at the end of the Big Game, catching the winning TD pass from Patrick Mahomes. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend/Travis Kelce will be talked about a bit. He played well and made two very clutch catches to get the Chiefs into the red zone on third down. He also had a meltdown yelling and grabbing his coach. That will be a talking point about player behavior among a bunch of K-Swift hater talk. Although his team lost, Jauan Jennings had an incredible night making big plays, catching and throwing for a touchdown. No one can say they didn’t get their money’s worth from the big game.

Trump gets Kansas City wrong

Halftime Show

The Where’s Usher? campaign was meant to get people hyped for the halftime show. Usher has been a singer and dancer for most of his life but in the 1990s and 2000s he was the biggest star in R&B. As I am now 45, I forget how much he dominated my college and early post-college music scene. Its not until I heard some of his songs that it came flooding back. He is also at the sweet spot where he covers teenage fans to early middle age fans so he would get a good swath of fans to get into his music. I cant say it was the best, but wasn’t the worst and it was entertaining. That’s all you can ask for. He even brought out people he did duets with, with like Lil Jon and Alicia Keys. He spread that Super Bowl money around. It was fun, which is the main point.

Super Bowl Ads

Junior Blaber

In this world where we work hard to avoid commercials, it is weird that people tune into the Super Bowl to check out commercials. One compliment as per the game, though: people actually took bathroom breaks during commercial breaks, as no one wanted to miss any part of the game… The big talking point was the political ad by RFK Jr.. It was rather different.¬† We are used to a pre-game Super Bowl interviews with the President but not political ads… Budweiser did as they always do and tried to create a memorable ad. Cant say they did… The big theme of a lot of the ads seemed to be 80s and 90s nostalgia which works well since middle-aged people with high disposable incomes are often the target group.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who will likely talk about his great time at the Pro Bowl.

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