Meet Squeegee: A Bleacher Creature

One of these guys is a fan favorite at Yankee Stadium.

GOD’S WAITING ROOM, FL -Sitting here on the beach in St. Pete, Florida, I look in amazement at the beach goers. It seems like everyone is plastered with body art. Tattoos cover arms, legs, torsos, necks and even their faces. I came across someone who had a Yankees logo on his bicep. The scripted team name had a bat going through a red, white, and blue top hat where the letter K rests. The wearer of the ink is named Luis “Squeegee” Castillo.

Castillo was a former batboy who was a Bleacher Creature before he made his way on the field at Yankee Stadium. He got that position with the help of a “Queen Creature from the Bleachers” named Tina Lewis, who wrote a letter to the Yankees hierarchy regarding Castillo.

While standing around the Yankees clubhouse, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter noticed the new kid wearing pinstripes. He immediately crowned him with the name Squeegee. It became so popular that twenty years later everyone knows Squeegee.

The former bat-boy, and current trustee of folk hero, David Cone, also possesses sixteen other tattoos on both of his arms. He explains that each of them has a meaning. His late father’s face graces his left arm as a memorial, and a favorite scripture of legendary owner George M. Steinbrenner reads, “Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win.”

The 41-year-old Castillo proudly displays his ink as his whole look and demeanor haven’t changed much since his batboy years. He still keeps in contact with the players from the past. Players like Ruben Sierra, Ramiro Mendoza, Shane Spencer, Darryl Strawberry, and David Wells produce a smile at the mention of Squeegee’s name.

The Bronx born product is as real as can be, and that can be a problem in the Yankee Universe. A universe that is led by a simple “Simon says” mentality, which Luigi failed to oblige.

For Luigi, it’s all about the children. The father of four boys had turned into a neighborhood activist, as he mentors every youth that he confronts. If the Yankees organization had some sense they would bring back Luigi as a community advisor. Common sense is missing inside this once storied franchise, though, who now preach the ANALytical route.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Squeegee is also the author of two books, Clubhouse Confidential and The Lucky Baseball. You can get them on Amazon. If you want the book signed, Squeegee isn’t hard to find. He’s usually sitting in the right field bleachers at section 203, during Yankees home games where he remains a Bleacher Creature forever.

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