Opening Day for the Yankees and Mets

BREAKING: Judge Gets Cooties Fom Fans! Out 4-6 Weeks!

SPANISH HARLEM – Opening day is upon us.  I do not consider the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres game on March 20th, even though the games still counted. That was a special event to promote the game and it was made to count on the schedule to add significance but nothing more. Let’s discuss the New York Yankees and Mets, as those are the teams most New Yorkers care about.

Milwaukee Brewers @ New York Mets – 1 pm E.T. (Rained out post-publishing time!)

David Stearns’ new team vs his old team and while it will be mentioned throughout the telecast and the series, this will not be a factor to the players. It’s opening day and so I hope I gave the fans something to root for. Go on “X” and tag the Brewers fan page and let them know Stearns’ came to right team because they are losers, and nobody likes Milwaukee or the Brewers. Just make sure to wait until the game ends because you will get non-stop replies if the Mets lose.

New York Yankees @ Houston Astros – 4 pm E.T.

If MLB wanted to have Yankees fans jacked up for opening day, then they made the right choice by having them play the Astros. Fans, including myself, have hated the Astros for some time now. Add to it that outside of the cheating, they have had the Yankees number, is downright punishing. Nothing would feel better to start the season than winning the series in Houston to start the year.

Apologies for the light writing but Angry Ward insisted that I have the day off, still I had to turn up something for ALL THE MTM fans (Are yal still there?). Anyhow, Enjoy Opening Day and come back tomorrow for more content.

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